Monitoring App for Vaccine Delivery (Truck/Delivery Drivers)

UX Case Study

  • Manage Routes efficiently
  • Manage delivery commodity quantities and variance
  1. State Cold Store is the usual start of the project scope, this is the location where all vaccines from the national repository are stored for any given state. The usual pickup point for the daily delivery route.
  2. Project Coordinator/Vendor are the assigned fleet/logistic/program manager designated to run the process for any given state. They own and coordinate the drivers and vehicles. Also manages the activities and planning of the exercise
  3. Health Facility is the last-mile location where the deliveries are supplied. Usually, a mini-cold store to serve the eventual recipients of the vaccines
Left: Drivers about leaving the vendor space, Right: Driver picking up commodities from cold store
Mindmap of contextual analysis using MindMeister
  • Computing the number of commodities to pickup from cold store
  • Computing and reconciling delivery commodities
  • Managing and recording accepted and delivered quantities
  • Efficiently mapping routing from planned destinations
  • Getting feedback to the command center and continuity of work at low or offline network regions
sketching the process from task listing to task completion for the driver
  • Deliveries are not necessarily made on designated days, some activities could be pulled forward if there were resource capacity Note: the deliveries of these days are moved in totality.
  • The coordinator notifies them on a regular of changes or events surrounding their deliveries
  • Visibility under natural or sunny light was essential
  • Entering values on the input using the keypad can be very challenging
  1. Bigger value input boxes
  2. Sync indicator on every task item
  3. Easy switching between dates and indicators to help identify relevant ones.
  4. Using a counter for value entry (This also helped with counting products)
Expanding the commodity line for a counter view
  • 14,083 successful deliveries of vaccines and dry goods were tracked using LoMIS Deliver, in Bauchi, Sokoto, and Zamfara state